“ C A R R I E R S “ 

26. August 2022 - 15. Januar 2023
Exhibited at “Prosjektrom Carl Berner”, driven by Norsk Billedkunstnerforbund. The exhibition is situated inside the metrostation “Carl Berners plass” in Oslo. 

Translated exhibition text : 
The time inside the project space, is detached from the rhythm of nature. Project space Carl Berner is shrouded in a deep red colour, and a fan-shaped sculpture is attached to the wall. With the help of a sensor, the viewer can set the fan in motion and activate a subtle airflow that spreads further into the room, where a number of sculptures are dispersed.

Some of the materials attempt to catch the wind – raw silk in cobweb formations, blades of grass and plaited leaves resembling sails. Other sculptures appear more grounded. An oversized seed capsule has dumped onto the floor, and a plaster block exposes fossil-like prints of unknown creatures. One of the works develops as time passes, water evaporates, and a seed slowly unfolds.

The focal point of the C A R R I E R S exhibition is areal seeds – seeds that use the wind to spread. There is something almost magical about seeds; they can do things that humans can only dream of. The seeds can escape the aging that other living creatures are subject to - they time travel. In 2007, a palm seed was found during an excavation at the Dead Sea in Israel. It was planted in the earth, and sprouted after lying dormant for 2,000 years. At that time there were large date palm forests along the Jordan River. Can the seed remember its childhood years?

In the exhibition C A R R I E R S, artist Petra Dalström has collaborated with the author Cecilie Almberg Størkson. In their respective ways, they have investigated the poetic potential of the areal seeds. Dalström has created a series of sculptures in which she investigates the physical and sensory properties of areal seeds, also by trying to imitate their movements. Størkson has made a number of texts, and fragments from these can be read on some of the window sections of the exhibition. The texts deal with topics such as reproduction, and she links these topics to the nature of areal seeds. At the end of the exhibition period, there will be launched a publication based on the collaboration, where a longer text by Størkson will be combined with elements from the physical exhibition.

Størkson will also read from the text at two different events, which will take place inside the exhibition space itself. The first reading was held on Saturday, 27th of August. The second reading will be held towards the end of the exhibition period, and the time will be announced via the channels of Norsk billedhoggerforbund.

Photo : Tor Simen Ulstein

The sculptural fan on the right side, is connected to a sensor, so when the visitor is reading a small text from Cecilie Almberg Størkson, on the front door, the fan will be activated for a few seconds.

Photo : Tor Simen Ulstein

Photo : Tor Simen Ulstein

Photo : Tor Simen Ulstein

The project is supported by Kulturrådet, Statens Kunstfond, BKH and Bergen Kommune has also supported Cecilie A Størksons textual work. 

Photos taken by Petra Dalström and Tor Simen Ulstein (written below)