These picture show documentation from the solo exhibition Light bends, casts shadows at Tag Team Studio in Bergen, Norway. The visitor walked into the gallery space through a black curtain, and was invited to lit a wax candle that was lit up by a projector, at the inner corner of the room. The flame from the candle made a moving shadow, framed by the blue light from the projector, and cast light over the room.

Photography by Thor Brødreskift

”en värld full av saker man inte kan hålla i handen”

A mountain of dark clay was standing in the middle of the room. In front of the mountain there was a thin silk curtain hanging from the ceiling, and behind that – a convex glass lens, that catch the light from the candle and was casting a small circle, a moon, onto the silk curtain.

The silk curtain moved slightly because of the movements from people in the room. This caused the moon, or the beam of light, to change its size and shape.

”månsken över skugglandskap”

(diode, cable, led, string, plaster, brass, sand, evaporated water)